As of late, the Claymore Gaming Fallout Staff team, more specifically the upper-management council of "B-Team" allowed a mutiny to take place within the Brotherhood of Steel spearheaded by "Shadow", a ex-member of B-Team and ex-BOS Elder. B-Team, allowed Shadow to perform the mutiny under incredibly easy conditions that would allow him to overthrow the Brotherhood of Steel within one day. This was a blatant abuse of power on the grounds of bias. With that being said, the two prior wars that took place (on 3/10/2018) between the BOS/Outcasts have been voided. I would like to personally apologize to the dedicated Brotherhood of Steel players, and would like to let them know that measures and punishments have been made to prevent this from happening again. I am incredibly thankful that the BOS, being understanding and gracious, has allowed Shadow to become the Elder, despite the circumstances and my offer to void everything. I will put in my best effort to make sure the gameplay on our server is crafted by the players, and not guided by personal bias. I will put in my best personal effort to make sure nothing like this happens again. If any BOS players have a concern regarding what happened, feel free to contact myself or a member of B-Team via Discord.

Thank you,